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Desktop Publishing

You only have source file in PDF? Image? Adobe Illustrator? Photoshop? InDesign? Don't worry. Our typesetting engineer will extract the data into editable format for our translator. After translation, we can deliver the work to you in the format you want following the exact original layout and format. 

 When translating content of a brochure or magazine, you want to maintain a consistent look, feel and layout across all versions of the collateral – whether the text is in English, Japanese, Chinese or any other language.

 Without proper care, this can become an issue as translated text can be as much as 30% longer than the source material (depending on the language and translation).

 Our desktop publishing (DTP) service eliminates this issue by taking your collateral’s layout into consideration during the translation process.

 Thanks to our team’s expertise in creative services, we are able to analyse the layout of your item, focus on the space available for text, the flow of content between copy and images, and everything else that makes your marketing material stand out to your target audience.