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Founded on February 27, 2003, YGYM Group has been engaged in translation services for years, and till now has established 20 companies across all over the world. At present, the Group boasts 300+ full-time staff members, 10,000+ expert translators from China and 5,000+ linguists from the rest of the world. We have established marketing centers in Hong Kong, Singapore, Hungary, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and created a “translating plus training” operations model in our bases in Fuzhou, Wuhan, Ji'nan, Nanchang, Guiyang, Xi'an, etc. Our service delivery footprint has expanded from China ' s mainland, Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore and Taiwan to East Asia, Southeast Asia, Europe, North America and beyond.

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Why Choose Us?

Powered By Human Translators

Your words stay in human hands from beginning to end. Your documents are top rated professional human translated & human approved to keep the quality. You can send and receive documents, pay, and even chat with us: 24/7; in whatever way is easiest for you. You have needs that can’t wait. We’re ready for that.

20+ Years Of Experience And Better Rates

We have 20+ years translation experience. Our affordable and competitive prices start from $0.02/word so that all the businesses can pursue their dream of going global.

Confidential And Secure & Reliable Communications

A chief concern when shopping for translation services is trusting a company to translate your file while also keeping your sensitive data confidential. In contrast, YGYM Translation relies on comprehensive background screening, testing, and continuous evaluation, and training for our human translators. We have never had a security breach and have a long, verifiable history.

Dynamic Updated Translation Memories & Glossaries

Translation memory assures consistency across your text where the same segment needs to be repeated.Our translation memories and glossaries database will help our human translators work more efficiently.

Trusted by Our Customers
6-Step Quality Control
  • Professional Translations

    Your document receives perfect translating & accurate formatting, while preserving the meaning.

  • Meticulous Proofreading

    Your Proofreader checks verbiage, syntax, spelling, & grammar.

  • Precision Editing

    Your Editor compares the original & translated documents to assure symmetry.

  • Project Manager Review

    Your Project Manager reviews the final copy to guarantee it meets your requests.

  • Speedy Delivery

    Your approval is the last step. Once approved, your final documents are delivered instantly.

  • After Sales Service

    YGYM translation provides lifetime guarantee for the services offerred and customized after-sale support!

Company News



Company News





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International Labor Day, also known as May Day, was born in July 1889. It has gone through decades of struggle from being proposed to being finalized.



YGYM appeared at the 2024 Translators Association of China Annual Conference

From March 30 to 31, the 2024 Translators Association of China Annual Conference was grandly held at the Changsha International Conference Center.



The Translation of Cosmetic Brand Names

rand name is the first impression consumers have of a product, and its impact on product promotion and sales cannot be underestimated.



Translation Companies: Bridging the Gap in Health Education and Support

Translation companies play a crucial role in the field of mental and physical health. They help people from different language backgrounds access necessary help and support by translating materials and information related to health.