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Professional Subtitling Services That Bridge The Gap Between Cultures
Our focus is to help your videos crash through the language barriers and be discovered globally. This is possible when you consult a video subtitling service for your brand.
No matter what foreign language you choose to target, our linguists have you covered. They will work together to decipher what’s being said in the original video and add captions at the bottom screen so that viewers who speak different languages can easily comprehend it.

YGYM has made subtitling a part of its services, and after years of successful operations, we have proven that our clients’ trust in us isn’t misplaced. We could create, translate, and apply subtitles to a video of any length — all you should do is disclose your terms and explain your demands.

Subtitling Solution
So what makes YGYM stand out? We keep expanding our list of benefits to enhance our clients’ satisfaction. We provide multi-layered assistance, including offering you certified translation services for instances where you must submit important files to foreign authorities. Out of curiosity, we’ve sent out short questionnaires to some of our clients, asking what they like most about us. Here are five things that the majority listed as the reason for choosing our company.
Our employees are language experts. We care about our reputation and we cooperate only with those people who have a sufficient, successful experience behind their shoulders. They engage in strictly human translation, accurately applying their knowledge of linguistic differences between the dialects to adapt subtitles for the audience you’re targeting in particular like translation from Chinese to English. Their degrees and long lists of orders they’ve worked on are their advantages, and we maintain regular checks for making sure they stick to providing high-quality help.
Our prices stay consistently average. If you’d like subtitles for a video on general topic for your use, you’ll have to pay only $0.02 per one word of translation. Our subtitling agency keeps such prices the same for as long as we can because staying affordable is one of our central goals.
We stay in touch 24/7 and accept urgent orders. You can chat with our customer support any time, day or night. YGYM’s operators are constantly there for solving your problems. We accept hot projects with urgent deadlines. We have a special team of experts who are ready to take them on at a moment’s notice.
Quality control services protect you and ensure your satisfaction. In case you find we didn’t meet your expectations, you’re free to place a revision request . It will be provided shortly after the request has been placed.
We work with multiple formats. Your convenience is one of our main concerns. Apart from working with multiple languages, we support various formats. Send your file to us in whatever way you find more comfortable and we’ll happily follow your guidelines.