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Game Localization

Game Translation Services Is The Key To Going Global
Generate approximately $179.7 billion in 2020, the game industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the technology sector worldwide. Hence, game translation services are a must if you want to succeed in conquering multilingual global audiences in the industry.

We understand game translation services can be a tough and daunting task, so it entails professional translators who are talented, fast, and vigilant with many years of experience. At YGYM, our team comprises native-speaker translators and linguistic experts to satisfy any requirements, even the hardest ones. We believe our brilliant translation team will help your business distribute video games in overseas markets and engage international gamers across languages with ease.

Why Should You Localize Your Game?
In the line with technological development, game translation solutions assist companies in achieving consistent and quality language that brings on several benefits:
Allow the game company to overcome language barriers which creates a seamless experience for international gamers, regardless of origin or destination language.
Having accomplished game translation services at your disposal when localizing ensures professionalism avoiding offending countries/cultures.
Make players feel valued and a part of the community in different parts of the world, so the game company is able to retain the gamers as well as increase the customer lifetime value.
Our Game Localization Process
With a team of experience, native linguists and game localizers, YGYM provides a wide range of game translation solutions
- Experience the game
- Review the script
- Identify the characters
- Prepare a translation term base of game terms
2、Translation & Localization
- Translate, edit and proofread the content
- Localize the graphics
- Do voice-over or make subtitle
3、Game Integration
- Integrate the next, graphics and audio into your game
- Desktop Publishing
- Functional Testing
- Deliver the final files to customers
- Receive feedback and revise