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Legal & Contract

Legal translation services to handle any or all needs. Hire a professional legal translator for accurate, certified and fast delivery of your legal documents. We translate to 100+ languages in any industry,

Legal Translation Services to Any Language
Globalization has allowed many people to travel abroad, changing countries of residence or making new acquaintances or business partners from all over the world. In many cases, there will be requirements for legal documents translations and court interpreting into one or more languages. Our legal translation service can provide accurate and fully expert help to law firms, businesses, educational institutions, and individuals. In each case, our clients will have native-speaking experts with vast experience in legal translations of their specific needs and do so at a reasonable price.
Why Use Legal Translation Service?
Often, people, businesses, and organizations come to us to translate legal documents. Sometimes, they bring a previous copy made by a non-professional who simply knows the target language. In this case, we always advise that it is better to start anew, because legal translation requires very specified vocabulary and language structures. Do not repeat their mistakes. Use our certified translation services for receiving accurate documents. This way, you will save time and money.

Certified legal translation may be necessary in many cases. If you study abroad, you will need certified translations of your high school and/or college transcripts. These are legal documents. When moving to another country, guaranteed USCIS accepted translations are a must for residency approval. For scientists that work around the globe, patent translations allow for such applications in another country. In court proceedings, one needs such services as court interpreting, civil lawsuit documents, or legally binding contract translations. We also provide mirror-image, certified affidavit translations with free certification for all documents for your comfort. Mind that legal/government entities, public institutions, companies, and immigration services often require certified documents. It is necessary for your study, professional activity, life, or business abroad.


A Legal Translation Company You’ll Enjoy Working With
Our service is among the most accurate and reliable agencies that operate online. Our experience and adherence to all standards has helped us to gain a reputation for excellence and many return customers. They’re happy with the quality, delivery, and accuracy of our services. And, of course, this includes our legal document translation services. Take a look at benefits that you get with every order:
Best prices. 
Our service does not have fixed prices as every document is different. Birth certificates, for example, are charged differently in various countries. Request a free quote before hiring assistance.
Native speakers. 

Our company provides premier localization services because our experts are native speakers who can adapt the content of any paper or document to requirements and cultural aspects of target country and its language, such as Hong Kong traditional Chinese, Singapore English, .

Timely delivery. 
Our service is ready to handle projects of any urgency. All documents are sent on time without delays so you are sure that you have your documents when you need them.
Security and Confidentiality. 
Our company focuses on customer satisfaction, so we always improve our security together with confidentiality. We never pass any information or materials to third parties, so be sure that your data is safe with us. Confidentiality is critical for certified translation, as it deals with personal data.
Don’t worry about the certification of a final product. The final document comes with an Accuracy Certificate as per your request. It means that legal as well as government documents are okay for companies, court, college, or immigration services. So, if you have to apply to such places, be sure to have your documents translated by our legal translators who are both expert and reliable.
Attention: we do not apply machine translation! Our certified legal translation services are completed by human experts who are trained and certified. For legal or medical texts, machines are inappropriate. Such texts need attention, thorough proofreading, as well as localization. Don’t hand in documents processed by Google, for example, as they have the wrong terminology which not only confuses people but may get them rejected. For marketing purposes, one can’t go far without localization services, because it adjusts text for the target audience. Avoid services that don’t localize, as they may miss the whole point of marketing success.
Why Choose Our Experts?
We’re what everyone is looking for, because we know what customers want. We have experienced native speakers who are professionals in their field. Our legal translations service provides experts from fields of law, ready to give assistance, while our support staff members are online 24/7. Our technical team keeps our website and purchase system, together with messaging for your comfort. We always make sure that our services are the easiest and convenient for visitors and clients.
Use Reliable Legal Document Translation Services

Our company deals with translating legal documents of any kind. Sure, there are many similar services out there, but no one is able to provide a mix of price, quality, speed, and customer service that our translation services have. Do not look for another company. We are the best option for legal certification, as we are accredited for such work. We prepare final documents and any activities abroad - immigration, study, business, court proceedings in the other country – all of which need a thorough translation that goes with the main legal documents. Don’t hesitate to order our services as we always deliver completed projects of the best quality, just on time.

Customer Cases for Legal Industry Translation

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